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2022 Container of Hope Project

We successfully delivered the 40-foot container, filled with handcrafted eco-friendly supplies, to South Sudan. Due to COVID restrictions, our team could not visit South Sudan in-person; below is the process of how our passion project succeeded. 


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  • Recognizing the Need: With my interest in South Sudan, I took the time to research and understand the specific challenges faced by the people there, particularly the lack of basic essentials like light and footwear.

  • Fundraising Strategy: I then set out to plan a fundraising mission. This involved careful planning, setting clear objectives, and devising strategies to raise the funds required. I even created a budget to estimate the amount needed to make a significant impact.

  • Fundraising Campaign: Launching the fundraising campaign was an important step. I utilized various channels, including social media, local community events, and online platforms to reach a wider audience. I shared compelling stories about the people in South Sudan and how their contributions would make a real difference.

  • Building a Supportive Team: Recognizing that I couldn't do it alone, I sought the support of friends, family, and like-minded volunteers who shared my passion for helping others. Collaborating with others was instrumental in making a meaningful impact on a distant community.


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  • Celebrating Together: Once we successfully raised the funds, I organized a ceremony or event to celebrate our collective achievement and express gratitude to everyone who played a role in making it happen. It was a moment to highlight the positive change we were about to bring to South Sudan.

  • Inviting Supporters: I made sure to extend invitations to all the individuals and organizations that had contributed to the cause. This included donors, volunteers, and anyone who had shown support along the way. The ceremony was a chance to thank them personally and demonstrate the progress made.

  • Sharing Stories: During the ceremony, I shared powerful stories and images from South Sudan to inspire and connect our supporters even more deeply with the cause. It was important to show the impact their contributions were about to create and strengthen our collective sense of purpose.


  • Efficient Resource Allocation: With the funds raised, I carefully allocated resources to address the identified needs. This required thorough planning to ensure that every dollar was used efficiently and effectively. I made informed decisions about what items to purchase and how to distribute them.

  • Creating Reusable Flashlights: I dedicated my time and effort to create reusable flashlights, which I knew would be invaluable in a region with limited access to electricity. Crafting these flashlights wasn't just about making them; it was also about ensuring their functionality and durability.

  • Providing Footwear: Recognizing the significance of proper footwear for health and mobility, I purchased shoes suitable for various needs. Selecting the right sizes and styles was crucial to meet the diverse requirements of the recipients.

  • Distribution Process: The actual donation phase involved physically delivering the flashlights, shoes, and other supplies to the people in South Sudan. I worked closely with local organizations and community leaders to ensure a smooth and effective distribution.

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  • Personal Reflection: Throughout this journey, I underwent a profound personal transformation. The experience taught me invaluable life lessons and broadened my horizons. I realized the immense impact that even one person's efforts can have in changing lives.

  • Overcoming Challenges: I encountered several challenges along the way, such as miscommunication between my fellow volunteers, but my determination to make a positive impact never wavered. These challenges only strengthened my resolve to contribute meaningfully to humanitarian causes.

  • Future Commitment: Looking ahead, I'm deeply committed to continuing my involvement in humanitarian work. I have aspirations to support additional projects and causes in the future, driven by the belief that together, we can create a better world.

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