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The Solace Aid started with my interest in international inclusivity. South Sudan, a country categorised as a least-developed, low-income country, is at the centre of my enthusiasm. The Solace Aid for South Sudan abides as an avid supporter and fundraiser for the South Sudanese. 

The Solace Aid is a fundraiser project which aims to support the South Sudanese every year via donations, along with our outstanding commitment to the community of South Sudan through the Container of Hope project. Inside the container consists of items such as printed shoes, children‘s fairy tale books translated into English, green lantern using solar panels. These support items can be supplied to educational institutions such as schools, public facilities. All items collected through campaign activities of school clubs or volunteer groups are also shipped through the container..

Our journey starts with bits of passion and optimism bundled up into our Container of Hope singly for the South Sudanese who are in need of support. We are always open for new supporters to joining our passion project. For any inquiries, please contact via email below.

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